Hello everyone. Chad Ruter and Justin Jacobs make up TOUTS, and have been talking about sports for over a decade. We both have covered sports for newspapers and our respective schools, but it has always been when we argued over AIM that some of our most profound sports writing has taken place. In an effort to bring our brand of sports writing to the world, we are proud to present T.O.U.T.S or Two Of Us Talking Sports. If you’ve ever wanted to read about such subjects as: Robert Horry’s place in NBA history, Kyle Orton’s antics, and of course… fantasy sports, well you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a brief glimpse of what you can expect in this blog…

We’ve now been on the web for one year, and are proud to say we’ve had well over 50,000 visitors in that short amount of time.  Thanks to everyone who have made their way here, and come back soon!

We are also podcasting now!  Check out our latest podcasts right here!

Justin Jacobs

  • Favorite Teams: Yankees, Lakers, 49ers
  • Favorite Team of the Past: 1999-2000 Lakers
  • Favorite Sports Moment: The Catch Part 2/ Fisher .2
  • Favorite Sports Book: Fantasyland

Chad Ruter

  • Favorite Teams: Cubs, Bulls, Bears
  • Favorite Team of the Past: 95-96 Bulls
  • Favorite Sports Moment: Jordan Over Russell
  • Favorite Sports Book: Moneyball

One thought on “About”

  1. Chad & Justin:
    My name is Ryan Granner and I’m the Founder of a new site LetMeHearYa.com. We are preparing to have our full public launch in the next couple months, and I wanted to reach out because we are looking for guys who want to be sports broadcast commentators from the comfort of their own couch with just a laptop. I thought this may be something that you two would be interested in.

    We’ve created technology that allows you to broadcast your commentary during games and lets listeners mute their TV to listen to you instead. It’s in real-time and your commentary will SYNC with the listeners’ TV, meaning the listeners experience will be just like listening to the guys on TV (no delay), except they get to listen to you instead. We want to give fans what they really want; commentary that is biased, funny, fantasy stats based… however you want to do it; it’s completely up to you. We want guys who will be entertaining and have a unique point of view.

    So, if you are looking for a new way to connect with your readers and want to become a sports broadcaster, please email me back.

    Also, if you aren’t interested, but know someone who would be a great broadcaster please pass this email along to them. Either way, we hope you’ll become one of our listeners too.

    All the best,

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