Tonights Ravens/Browns pick sure to go wrong

A smart gambler would tell you that it’s not smart to pick a team that is giving more than ten points after they just played four days ago, but I’m not a smart gambler – so…

Ravens +12 over Browns

The Browns have not won a game this year, and their rookie quarter back, Brandon Weeden is going to have his hand full in Baltimore against the Ravens defense looking for a little bit of payback after the Partios hung 30 on them last week.  In a perfect world for Cleveland fans, Trent Richardson has a over 100 yards rushing and Weedon doesn’t have to throw the ball a ton; but as anyone who lives in Cleveland can tell you that’s not the world we live in.

The Browns defense is 27th against the pass and 23rd against the run through three weeks. The Ravens offense this year has been dynamic, as we saw last week when they were able to score on three drives of over 80 yards. If you have anyone on the Ravens offense this week in fantasy you should probably be starting them.

I certainly wouldn’t consider this game a lock given the Ravens short rest time, but they played at home on Sunday which means they didn’t have to travel between games. Baltimore’s not the kind of team that takes games off, so unless we see a lot of bad turnovers  or some horrible officiating out of the newly returned officials (Welcome back guys, I look forward to cursing at your incompetence soon!), Flacco and company should take care of business tonight.

Last Week: 7-8-1
Season: 19-26-1


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