NFL Week 3 Picks – Sure to go wrong

This is how I feel about the games this week.

Week three is here, and it finally feels like the season is in full swing. It takes a couple of weeks in the NFL to get things sorted out, and to be honest it will take a few more before we really know who the contenders are and who was just a flash in the pan – I’m looking at you Arizona.

I’m going to to be honest about the picks I made this week, I feel less confident about them than Romney does about getting the 47 percenter vote. Every game feels like a trap game in one way or another. The Bears giving 7.5 at home after a long week to stew about their loss to the Packers? It’s not a good sign for Chicago fans that the best thing we got from Jay Cutler this season is a tumblr of Jay Cutler with a cig hanging out of his mouth. The Rams played a crazy game against RG 3 and the RG 3 band last week, which included one of the great first half fantasy performances you’ll ever see out of Danny “everyone just picked me off waivers” Ammendola, and Josh Morgan doing his best Josh Morgan impression at the end of the game costing the Skins a W. I fully expect the Rams to March into Chicago, get to Cutler early, force a bunch of interceptions and at least cover the spread.

I want to take a moment to thank the Buccaneers secondary for allowing Eli Manning to throw for over 500 yards and help get me a mostly unearned win in fantasy football, my team is pretty awful this year, and I really needed that assist. This week one would think that Tony Romo will have one of his “good” Romo performances leading to ESPN analyst arguing over whether or not he’s made “the leap” for the 1,000th time. Surely Jason Garrett will exploit the Bucs the same way New York did last week, because he is such an offensive minded genius. Am I right?

Sometimes I like to imagine that Taken 2 is really about Liam Neeson hunting down Chris Johnson for abducting his fantasy team the same way he has mine. There’s no amount of Eastern Europeans that can stand between Liam and his mission to extract revenge out of CJ2K on behalf of fantasy owners everywhere. Chris – Liam will hunt you, he will find you, and he will – give you a stern talking to. I honestly believe the Titans are the worst team in the NFL, and if the Lions are going to ever look explosive it will be this week. Ladies and gentleman this is my lock of the week, which means –

As far as some of the other games are concerned – I think the Falcons should be able to outclass the Chargers, and I refuse to believe a Norv Turner led team can start the season 3-0.

The Jets looked like the team we all expected them to be last week vs. the Steelers but I’m fairly certain they can shut down Reggie Bush and manhandle the Dolphins.

If the Texans can march into Denver and get a win I’ll start believing the hype. Peyton Manning is not going to have a lot of fun dealing with JJ Watt and company this weekend. I’m not sure I’m ready to live in a world where we have to question Peyton Manning’s skills week after week, it makes me sad.

Before I get to my picks sure to go wrong this week I just want to note that we are only 10 days away from the start of NBA Training Camps, which may not be as heralded as NFL camps, but has me all kinds of excited. You can expect some NBA coverage out of this site starting next week, as I mull over who makes my League Pass 5 for this year. More on that next Wednesday.

The Picks – Home Teams In Caps

BEARS -7.5 over Rams
COWBOYS -7 over Buccaneers
49ers -7 over VIKINGS
Lions -3.5 over TITANS
REDSKINS -3.5 over Bengals
Jets -3 over DOLPHINS
Chiefs +8.5 over SAINTS
COLTS -3 over Jaguars
CARDINALS +4 over Eagles
Falcons +3.5 over CHARGERS
Texans -2.5 over BRONCOS
Steelers -4 over RAIDERS
RAVENS -3 over Patriots
Packers -3 over SEAHAWKS

Last Week: 7-8-1
This Week: 1-0
Season: 13-18-1


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