NFL Week 17 Picks

Still getting over my New Year’s so I was a tad bit late with my picks. I only picked late games to keep things fair. I hope everyone had a safe and fun New Year, I’m looking forward to writing a lot more about sports in 2012. I have the World Not Ending -5000 over the Mayans by the way. It’s the ultimate futures bet.

Justin’s Picks
Ravens -2.5 over BENGALS
Chiefs +3.5 over BRONCOS
Chargers +3 over RAIDERS
CARDINALS -2.5 over Seahawks
GIANTS -2.5 over Cowboys

Chad’s PIcks
Lions -3.5 over PACKERS
BENGALS  +2.5 over Ravens
Vikings -1 over BEARS
Panthers +8.5 over SAINTS
Steelers -4 over BROWNS

Last Week
Justin: 4-1
Chad: 3-2

Justin: 43-34-3
Chad  36-39-5


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