NFL Week 12 Picks

As if I needed another reason for Thanksgiving to be my favorite holiday, just two days after feasting on delicious turkey and falling into a food coma the NBA has tentatively come to an agreement with the NBAPA and it looks as if we may have basketball for Christmas. I’m not sure I can think of anything in the sports realm that I am more thankful for than being able to watch Bulls/Lakers on Christmas Day. The very thought of it is enough to bring a tear to my eye.

In the next couple of weeks you can look forward to an accelerated Free Agency period, the start of camps, and more hoops talk than David Stern can stake a stick at. The season may have been cut to 66 games, but I don’t think too many casual NBA fans are going to complain, and even though losing 16 games still irks me a bit, I’ll certainly take it over the loss of a whole season.

There’s not a lot more to be said about the situation right now.’s Sam Amick posted some info about the tentative deal earlier tonight. I’ll have more to say about what the deal means for the players and owners when it is final, but it seems at fist glance like the owners made more concessions to the players than most thought the owners were capable of.

Today’s news is great for anyone that has been worrying that they were going to have to watch college hoops all year to try to satiate their need for good basketball. (Shudders) I’ve been in a bit of a sports rut the last couple of weeks, but now everything seems right in the world of sports again.

…now to our regularly scheduled picks.

Justin’s Picks
Texans -3.5 over JAGUARS
Panthers -3 over COLTS
Patriots -3 over EAGLES
CHARGERS -6 over Broncos
BEARS +5 over Raiders

Chad’s Picks
(When I get them)

Last Week
Justin: 2-1-2
Chad: 1-3-1

Justin: 29-24-2
Chad: 24-27-4


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