NFL Week 8 Picks

This is my nightmare!
Not a whole lot to say this week. In fact I probably won’t have much to say about sports until the NBA owners and players can get together over a 2% BRI difference and form a new CBA. It’s getting to the point where this lockout is distracting from the enjoyment I get out of other sports. The World Series this years was really exciting – in it’s high scoring, yet poorly managed and played kind of way – but I spent as much time reading Twitter updates from the mediation meetings as I did watching the games. Hopefully the 49ers will beat the Browns this week to go to 6-1, and I can throw myself completely into a San Francisco playoff run. If I’m forced to watch college football to get my sports fix in December there’s no telling what I may do. Let’s just get to this week’s picks before I get too upset.

Justin’s Picks
TEXANS -9.5 over Jaguars
PANTHERS -3.5 over Vikings
Patriots -3 over STEELERS
Cowboys +3.5 over EAGLES
Chargers -3.5 over CHIEFS

Chad’s Picks
(Will Add Later)

Last Week
Justin: 3-2
Chad: 2-3

Justin: 22-13
Chad: 17-15-3


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