NFL Week 7 Picks

Derp Derp Derp

So there I was last weekend, forced to watch the midwest NFL games because I have clearly made some poor life decisions, and all I wanted to see was just a couple minutes of the 49ers/Lions game. The Fox station I was watching had the Packers/Rams game going, and even though that game was decided at halftime when the score was 21-3, it remained too close for the network to switch games. So when that stinker of a game finally wrapped up there were only minutes left in the 9ers game, and somehow San Fran had a 22-19 lead.

You would think that Fox would switch over to a game that close, given the two teams had a 9-1 combined record, but alas they thought it more wise to show the end of the Bills/Giants game. Because nothing says thrilling quite like Eli Manning!

I ended up watching the 9ers win the game via a stat tracker, which is kind of like someone throwing a you a surprise party via Skype, but still, I was happy enough that somehow my beloved team had beaten the mighty Lions and got to 5-1.

A couple minutes after the game ended, my Twitter exploded with people ranting about the “fight” that 49ers Head Coach Jim Harbaugh and Lions Head Coach Jim Schwartz got into after the game. When I jumped on to Youtube to check said “fight” out I was disappointed, not in either of the coaches for acting the way that they did, but in everyone who was calling something so innocuous a fight.

Of course for the rest of the week we got to hear somewhere around two million different analysts give their takes on Harbaugh/Schwartz confrontation, and it seemed like the further into the week we got, the more profound the punditry became. Thankfully we live in a era where smart individuals on the internet act as a counter balance to the blow hards working at ESPN and other outlets with questionable credibility.

As a 49ers fan I’m upset that our team is again being recognized because of something wacky our head coach did. A couple of years ago I was the first person to say how nuts our coach was, and given our play on the field that season, I can’t blame anyone who could only associate  the 9ers with a coach who once took off his pants during a halftime speech. Time will tell if Jim Harbaugh is just as crazy as Mike Singletary, but last week he did nothing wrong, and unlike Singletary, Harbaugh can actually coach.

I don’t know what’s in store for the 49ers in the coming weeks, but it’s a real shame that a 5-1 team is being overlooked by the media because they are too busy making fluff stories out of nonevents, instead of covering what’s happening on the field.

(End Rant)

It’s almost halfway through the season and both Chad and I are both over .500, I can almost envision the bookmakers in Vegas scrambling to figure us out.

Justin’s Picks
PANTHERS -2.5 over Redskins
LIONS -3 over Falcons
Steelers -3.5 over CARDINALS
Packers -9 over VIKINGS
JAGUARS +7.5 over Ravens

Chad’s Picks
Bears -1 over BUCCANEERS
Broncos +1.5 over DOLPHINS
LIONS -3 over Falcons
Packers -9 over VIKINGS
Ravens -7.5 over JAGUARS

Last Week
Justin: 3-2
Chad: 4-1

Justin: 19-11
Chad: 15-12-3

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