NFL Week 8 Picks

This is my nightmare!
Not a whole lot to say this week. In fact I probably won’t have much to say about sports until the NBA owners and players can get together over a 2% BRI difference and form a new CBA. It’s getting to the point where this lockout is distracting from the enjoyment I get out of other sports. The World Series this years was really exciting – in it’s high scoring, yet poorly managed and played kind of way – but I spent as much time reading Twitter updates from the mediation meetings as I did watching the games. Hopefully the 49ers will beat the Browns this week to go to 6-1, and I can throw myself completely into a San Francisco playoff run. If I’m forced to watch college football to get my sports fix in December there’s no telling what I may do. Let’s just get to this week’s picks before I get too upset.

Justin’s Picks
TEXANS -9.5 over Jaguars
PANTHERS -3.5 over Vikings
Patriots -3 over STEELERS
Cowboys +3.5 over EAGLES
Chargers -3.5 over CHIEFS

Chad’s Picks
(Will Add Later)

Last Week
Justin: 3-2
Chad: 2-3

Justin: 22-13
Chad: 17-15-3


NFL Week 7 Picks

Derp Derp Derp

So there I was last weekend, forced to watch the midwest NFL games because I have clearly made some poor life decisions, and all I wanted to see was just a couple minutes of the 49ers/Lions game. The Fox station I was watching had the Packers/Rams game going, and even though that game was decided at halftime when the score was 21-3, it remained too close for the network to switch games. So when that stinker of a game finally wrapped up there were only minutes left in the 9ers game, and somehow San Fran had a 22-19 lead.

You would think that Fox would switch over to a game that close, given the two teams had a 9-1 combined record, but alas they thought it more wise to show the end of the Bills/Giants game. Because nothing says thrilling quite like Eli Manning!

I ended up watching the 9ers win the game via a stat tracker, which is kind of like someone throwing a you a surprise party via Skype, but still, I was happy enough that somehow my beloved team had beaten the mighty Lions and got to 5-1.

A couple minutes after the game ended, my Twitter exploded with people ranting about the “fight” that 49ers Head Coach Jim Harbaugh and Lions Head Coach Jim Schwartz got into after the game. When I jumped on to Youtube to check said “fight” out I was disappointed, not in either of the coaches for acting the way that they did, but in everyone who was calling something so innocuous a fight.

Of course for the rest of the week we got to hear somewhere around two million different analysts give their takes on Harbaugh/Schwartz confrontation, and it seemed like the further into the week we got, the more profound the punditry became. Thankfully we live in a era where smart individuals on the internet act as a counter balance to the blow hards working at ESPN and other outlets with questionable credibility.

As a 49ers fan I’m upset that our team is again being recognized because of something wacky our head coach did. A couple of years ago I was the first person to say how nuts our coach was, and given our play on the field that season, I can’t blame anyone who could only associate  the 9ers with a coach who once took off his pants during a halftime speech. Time will tell if Jim Harbaugh is just as crazy as Mike Singletary, but last week he did nothing wrong, and unlike Singletary, Harbaugh can actually coach.

I don’t know what’s in store for the 49ers in the coming weeks, but it’s a real shame that a 5-1 team is being overlooked by the media because they are too busy making fluff stories out of nonevents, instead of covering what’s happening on the field.

(End Rant)

It’s almost halfway through the season and both Chad and I are both over .500, I can almost envision the bookmakers in Vegas scrambling to figure us out.

Justin’s Picks
PANTHERS -2.5 over Redskins
LIONS -3 over Falcons
Steelers -3.5 over CARDINALS
Packers -9 over VIKINGS
JAGUARS +7.5 over Ravens

Chad’s Picks
Bears -1 over BUCCANEERS
Broncos +1.5 over DOLPHINS
LIONS -3 over Falcons
Packers -9 over VIKINGS
Ravens -7.5 over JAGUARS

Last Week
Justin: 3-2
Chad: 4-1

Justin: 19-11
Chad: 15-12-3

Stick This In Your Pipe And Smoke It, Senators

Let’s make something perfectly clear. ATHLETES ARE NOT ROLE MODELS.

Say it with me, now. Athletes. Are. Not. Role. Models.

Good – that’s a start.

So why are four U.S. senators and health officials from Arlington and St. Louis writing the Major League Baseball player’s union, urging them to agree to ban on chewing tobacco at World Series games? Who the hell knows…

They say it’s because they’re looking to, “protect the health of players and be a great gift to your young fans.” They’re more than likely just looking for a line to use in a future campaign brochure – but let’s not argue reasoning. Let’s stick with facts.

Raise your hand if you’d like a member of your favorite team to stop using chew during the most important series of their lives.

Bueller? Bueller? Thought so.

Dads of the kids that are rooting for these players – they’re not shouting at the top of the mountain for a change like this. Why? They and their kids would get far more joy watching that chewing, tobacco spitting ballplayer standing in the batter’s box totally calm within a chaotic environment.

Imagine this for a moment: You’re standing 60 feet away from a guy hurling a rock hard spheroid 95 mph in front of 50,000 people. The decibel level rivals an F16 screaming off a runway, your team is down two runs, and you’re at the dish with men on first and third in Game 7.


Option A – You can let the adrenaline trample through your body unimpeded, causing you to shake ever so slightly and have to devote even the smallest segment of your mind to calming the nerves.

Option B – You can utilize a substance that is 100% legal in the United States to combat the adrenaline by releasing that oh-so-wonderful serotonin into your bloodstream – allowing you to completely focus on the task at hand – turning a potentially lethal object into one that simply kills the dream of your opponent slipping that championship ring onto their own finger.

Don’t get all righteous on me. You’re taking B.

And if they would allow NBA players to spit the chew out before running back down the court, Shaq would have dipped twice before every free throw he attempted. But he sweated so much standing at the charity stripe that he probably viewed it as a way to keep the weight off during the regular season.

Also, when did Congress get into the business of infringing the rights of a particular segment of our society? If you’re going to write a letter asking baseball players to refrain from it, why don’t you just stand up and tell everyone that you support the elimination of smokeless tobacco altogether?

Oh yeah – they would be making a statement that would upset some voters. Can’t have that before primary season, can we now?

“When players use smokeless tobacco, they endanger not only their own health, but also the health of millions of children who follow their example,” the senators wrote to player’s union head Michael Weiner.

That’s funny. I’m pretty sure the first person to light a victory cigar if millions of kids watched the World Series would be Bud Selig himself. The ratings for the World Series have been steadily declining since 1980, finally bottoming out in 2008 when the Series posted a lowly 8.7. Less viewers than a Sunday night football game in Week 6.

Senators, if you want to make an impact on America’s youth, turn to the sport that scores nationally lauded ratings for five months out of the year. Why don’t you ask NFL players to stop swearing?

Oh, damn. That’s right. That whole ‘freedom of speech’ thing rains on that parade, doesn’t it?

Why don’t we call upon parents to be the role models for their kids? Remind them that they have the most power when it comes to influencing the behavior of their children.

Let the superstars entertain. That’s all we pay them to do.

Tell ‘em, Chuck.

NFL Week 6 Picks

The NBA Lockout makes me a sad panda

Hey guys, it’s been awhile since Chad or I have had much to say on the website. I’d like to say that I’m boycotting all sports talk until the NBA Lockout is over, but the way things are looking we may not have pro hoops until sometime next year – this makes me a very sad panda. By now you probably have a good idea about what the owners and players are arguing about, but for those in the dark, here’s teh cliffnotes version of why we may not have an NBA season this yera.The owners want a 50/50 split of all Basketball Related Income, a hard salary cap, and shorter contracts. The players are not willing to concede anything less than 53 percent of BRI, want nothing to do with a hard cap, and feel that the owners are basically trying to dummy proof their league by forcing an unfair CBA down their throats.

Both sides have good reasons for digging into their positions, but the longer this lockout drags on the more leverage owners have when it comes to negotiating a new deal. The players will hold out as long as they can, but once mid level and lower players start missing paychecks it’s only a matter of time before they crack. The owners know this, they are willing to sit out as long as it takes to get what they want, they can afford to take the financial hits that comes with missing games. This is the owners chance to create a system in which it is almost impossible for them not to make a profit. In the end the owners will get what they want because they know that the players have more to lose by missing games than they do.

Until the players finally cave all we can do as fans is imagine how awesome it would be if the NBA player created their own rogue basketball league – or – if Slamball somehow picked up steam and became a thing again. Just imagine NBA players throwing down 1080 dunks on 20’ hoops. It would be like NBA Jam coming to life before our very eyes… and would probably end horribly when Dwight Howard crashes into John Wall at 60 MPH ging millions of kids nightmares for the rest of their lives. I guess the best I can hope for is that my obsession with NBA 2K12 is enough to hold me over until the real games come back.

Oh yeah – football has been pretty good this year as well. My beloved 49ers are 4-1 and for whatever reason the gambling gods have been somewhat kind to me through the first five weeks of the season. I feel like a large part of my success in Pick’em this year boils down to the Lions, Bills and Cam Newton generally being awesome. I got a feeling Vegas is going to get their act together soon and my record will come back to Earth, but for the time being, 16-9! This week the Lions play the 9ers, and for the first time in longer than I can remember the game actually means something. It’s been a crazy year in the NFL, I’d like to thank the NFL for making the pain of missed NBA games that much easier to cope with.

But I still want hoops back.

Justin’s Picks
LIONS -4 over 49ers
Bills +3.5 over GIANTS
Eagles -1.5 over REDSKINS
Cowboys +7 over PATRIOTS
Texans +7.5 over RAVENS

Chad’s Picks
Panthers +4 over FALCONS
Bills +3.5 over GIANTS
Cowboys +7 over PATRIOTS
RAVENS -7.5 over Texans
JETS -7 over Miami

Last Week
Justin: 5-0
Chad: 3-1-1

Justin: 16-9
Chad: 11-11-3

NFL Week Five Picks

Last Week’s Picks
Saints -6.5 over JAGUARS
Bills -3 over BENGALS
Falcons -4 over SEAHAWKS
Patriots -4 over RAIDERS
Giants PK over CARDINALS

Saints -6.5 over JAGUARS
Vikings -1 over CHIEFS
Giants PK over CARDINALS
Patriots -4 over RAIDERS
BUCCANEERS -10 over Colts

This Weeks Picks
Raiders +5.5 over TEXANS
PANTHERS +6.5 over Saints
STEELERS -3.5 over Titans
Chargers -4 over BRONCOS
LIONS -5.5 over Bears (I couldn’t help myself)

Chad’s Picks:
Bills +2.5 over Eagles
Raiders +5.5 over Texans
Bengals +2.5 over Jaguars
Titans +3.5 over Steelers
Patriots -9 over Jets

Last Week’s Results
Justin: 3-2
Chad: 3-2

Justin: 11-9
Chad: 8-10-2