NFL Week 3 Picks

Quick note before we get to this weeks picks, I am posting the picks during the first quarter of the Noon games. We emailed each other the picks before the games started, but there is nothing more disheartening than seeing a couple of the picks you made already look like they are going to go bust – thanks New England and Houston!
Justin’s Picks:
SAINTS -4 over Texans
Lions -3.5 over VIKINGS
PANTHERS -3.5 over Jaguars
Packers -3.5 over BEARS
BILLS +8 over Patriots

Chad’s Picks:
SAINTS -4 over Texans
EAGLES -6.5 over Giants
RAIDERS +3.5 over Jets
Steelers -10.5 over COLTS
Redskins +4.5 over COWBOYS

Last Week – Not Pretty Folks
Justin: 1-4
Chad: 0-3-2

Justin: 4-6
Chad: 2-6-2


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