NFL Week 3 Picks

Quick note before we get to this weeks picks, I am posting the picks during the first quarter of the Noon games. We emailed each other the picks before the games started, but there is nothing more disheartening than seeing a couple of the picks you made already look like they are going to go bust – thanks New England and Houston!
Justin’s Picks:
SAINTS -4 over Texans
Lions -3.5 over VIKINGS
PANTHERS -3.5 over Jaguars
Packers -3.5 over BEARS
BILLS +8 over Patriots

Chad’s Picks:
SAINTS -4 over Texans
EAGLES -6.5 over Giants
RAIDERS +3.5 over Jets
Steelers -10.5 over COLTS
Redskins +4.5 over COWBOYS

Last Week – Not Pretty Folks
Justin: 1-4
Chad: 0-3-2

Justin: 4-6
Chad: 2-6-2


NFL Week 2 Picks

No time for chitchat, have to get these picks up before the games start.

Last Week
Justin: 3-2
Chad: 2-3

Justin’s Picks:
Dallas -3 over SAN FRANCISCO
Baltimore -5.5 over TENNESSEE
Philadelphia -2.5 over ATLANTA
San Diego +7 over NEW ENGLAND
NEW ORLEANS -6.5 over Chicago

Chad’s Picks:
Chicago +6.5 over NEW ORLEANS
BUFFALO -3 over Oakland
Baltimore -5.5 over TENNESSEE
Green Bay -9.5 over CAROLINA
Dallas -4 over SAN FRANCISCO

NFL Week 1 Picks

Hello gang. I apologize for the lack of posts this summer, this site always turns into a bit of a ghost town during the summer, which I take full responsibility for.  With the NFL and NBA lockouts hovering over the sport world like an alien mothership, things got kind of bleak for us sports fans, but when the NFL came back it gave us as exciting a preseason as we’ve ever had. I’m still trying to catch up with all of the movement that took place over the shortened Free Agency singing period.  I hear the Eagles singed a bunch of good players, so maybe they will be good this year?(?)

Thursday’s game was as exciting a game as we are going to see all year. Of course I picked New Orleans plus the points to win that game, even though the defending Super Bowl Champs almost always win the opener.  It’s nice to know that I still have a gift for picking games poorly! I don’t want to complain about my pick, but would it have killed the Saints to dress their defensive front for the game?  Playing an entire game with no pass rush was just a really poor choice by them.  I kid. I kid.

I’d like to thank college football for doing it’s job in mildly entertaining me before the NFL regular season got underway.  The Norte Dame/Michigan game last night was a lot of fun, but the rational part of my brain just couldn’t separate the excitement of three scores in less than a minute with the amazement at just how bad two defenses could play in the same moment. College football may be good, stupid, fun many people, but it doesn’t come close to the professional brand of football we get to watch today.

It being the tenth anniversary of September 11th, I want to give a big shout out to those working in the Armed Services as well as all the men and women who serve as firefighters and police officers. You guys keep us safe so we can enjoy silly things like sports, thank you so much.

One more note before we get to our picks. You may notice that we are no longer explaining each of our choices, that may change in the coming weeks, but we we didn’t really think a explanation was completely necessary. There are plenty of places on the internet that can give you much better gambling advice than we can. We just like betting against each other.  Speaking of which, we haven’t decided what the stakes are for this years bet, so if you can think of anything interesting please leave a comment.  Oh and don’t tell Chad I still owe him a Derrick Rose jersey, I refuse to buy anything NBA related during the lockout.

Here are our week one picks (home teams in caps). Enjoy the games everyone!

Justin’s Picks:
Steelers +2.5 over RAVENS
BROWNS -6.5 over Bengals
TEXANS -9 over Colts
Patriots -7 over DOLPHINS
Vikings +8.5 over CHARGERS

Chad’s Picks:
Steelers +2.5 over RAVENS
BROWNS -6.5 over Bengals
Titans +1.5 over JAGUARS
JETS -4 over Cowboys
Patriots -7 over DOLPHINS